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Shout out to our customers who are embracing Gatom’s Fonio all over the US. Your support to our venture means a world to us. For a grain that was, not so long ago, unknown in the lexicon of the US consumer, our product adoption has been a joyful ride. From coast to coast, from large cities to small towns, our customer base is rapidily sprawling. We already have customers in 15 states.

We bring to urban consumers the simple but healthy eating habits of the village. We are not only a superfood company but a healthy lifestyle choice. Our products are endowed by mother nature with unique nutrients to satisfy the complex needs of the human body. They have sustained the test of time and have been passed on from one generation to the next one.

Our creed to a food centric healthy lifestyle is rooted in the fact that ancient human beings sustained themselves through their healthy eating habits and rarely visited a healer (doctor). We believe in the saying “you are what you eat” and thus judiciously picking your daily meals matters a lot for your well being. Judicious choices require basic knowledge. Just like a driver must know the traffic signs to drive safely, we must have basic knowledge about food nutrient to feed our body properly.

Furthermore, we believe in preventive health rather than the current curative or warranty style approach to our health. That is, people wait until they get sick then go to a doctor to fix their health knowing well that fixing something never makes it new.

At Gatom food we make it our commitment to educate our customers about nutrients in our products. Look out for our next message about why fonio is good for you. Until then feed your body judiciously and enjoy the well being that comes with it. Akwaba (pronounced = Ak –wah-ba = welcome) to Gatom Foods.

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